Large upgrade stone

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Large upgrade stone
Release date24 december 2019
GradeDamaged - Mythic

Large upgrade stones are used to upgrade the grade of any equipable item that has an identical grade to the stone itself. Large upgrade stones are obtained through gathering high level resources and by killing high level NPC's.

Large upgrade stones can be obtained in any grade ranging from Damaged to Mythic. The higher the grade, the rarer the chance a stone is encountered.

Using stones of an identical grade with eachother has a 50% chance of upgrading one of the stones, the stone that's clicked first when combining gets destroyed.

Large upgrade stones are also equipable in the ring slot, granting +30 damage at a normal grade.

Gathering sources

Source Level Skill Rarity
Ramie 45 Alchemy uncommon
Iridium ore 45 Mining uncommon
Archaeopteris logs 45 Woodcutting uncommon

Drop sources

Source Level Rarity
Red Crab 55 uncommon
Wraith 55 uncommon
Poacher 58, 65 uncommon
Supreme Sea Serpent 60 uncommon
Infernal hound 65 uncommon
Brarrus 80 uncommon
Cave dragon 80 uncommon
Zalranaz 90 uncommon
Aellope(Harpy) 90 uncommon
Elder cave dragon 95 uncommon