Red Crab

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The Red Crab is a level 55 boss found in The Red Crab's Lair, deep in the Coral Cave. To find the Red Crab, players have to navigate through Coral Cave and it's Coral Dungeon, past the maze and the pirates. The Red Crab has 50,427 hitpoints and can be considered one of the easiest bosses so far.The area it resides in is a Red PVP area.

Red Crab
NicknameLast of his Kin
Release date2018
LocationThe Red Crab's Lair
Attack styleBlunt

Getting there[edit]




Item Quantity Rarity Value
Furniture: Red Crab's pincer 1 uncommon 7
Crab(pet) 1 very rare 5000

Weapons, armor & resources

Item Quantity Rarity Value
Silk 1-20 common 75
Flax 1-20 common 200
Bag of sea salt 1-25 common 5
Redberries 1-20 common 2
Yorkhill Teleport 1 common 25
Coral Key 1 common 25
Health Potion 1-5 common 40
Silk Pointy Hat 1 common 600
Silk Robe Top 1 common 600
Silk Robe Bottom 1 common 600
Pirate Shirt 1 common 1600
Pirate Pants 1 common 1600
Main-Hand Iron Pistol 1 common 1600
Off-Hand Iron Pistol 1 common 1600
Silver common *
Pirate hat 1 rare


Item Quantity Rarity Value
Medium experience scroll 1-2 uncommon 1
Large upgrade stone 1 uncommon 1200
Iridium gear crate 1 uncommon 2200
Large grade stone 1 rare
  • Item values are shown at the normal or starting grade for weapons and the corresponding grade for other items